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See What’s Whispered:

The Legacy of Artist David C Baker

See What’s Whispered is a new documentary about artist David C. Baker of Jackson, New Hampshire. For over fifty years, David enriched Mount Washington Valley’s cultural and community life. His enduring influence extended well beyond the Valley, to all who encountered him. Until his death from cancer in 1999, David Baker was a dear friend and mentor to many, including filmmaker Judy C. Faust, who

involved Baker’s community in the making of this film.


Soon after David moved to the White Mountains in 1946 he challenged art conventions by hanging paintings outdoors at his home roadside gallery. Great public acclaim eventually followed, from the local and national art establishment. Baker’s innovative painting technique, “Vitreous Flux” – the result of creative play on a refrigerator door – became instantly recognizable and inspiring to others. Throughout his life, David’s work constantly evolved, including his venture onto the printed page with the delightful volume of poetry written in his last years, Blue Tarp.


See What’s Whispered tells the story of David Baker’s art career. It shows how he contributed to a vital community in northern New England, overcoming substantial obstacles in the process, including the death of 2 children. Through thirty colorful interviews with his wife, friends, artists, and collectors, a story emerges of a spirited, inspiring and beloved individual, who happened to be a great artist, and whose influence continues today with this inspiring documentary.

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